In 2017, KiteBud started as a small kitesurfing school in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. Fueled by a passion for teaching and helping anyone to become a safe, independent and confident kitesurfer, KiteBud quickly became the best reviewed and most recommended kitesurfing school in Perth.

In 2019, KiteBud became the new owner of Airborne Kitesurfing (Est. 1999) and the exclusive Airush Kiteboarding dealer in the greater Perth area as well as the main Airush importer & distributor for Australia.

With many kitesurfing shops closing down in the last 10 years, KiteBud chose to become an online only kitesurfing shop.

Now in its 5th year of operation, KiteBud is ran by a team of passionate instructors and team riders with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and the best value for money in the business.

KiteBud Founder, Owner, School manager & Instructor

Christian Bulota

Christian has two passions in Life, Kitesurfing and Teaching. His passion for kite sports started in Canada at the age of 14 when he rigged a homemade bar and lines onto a cheap blue Poly tarp which pulled him along on frozen lakes using skis or ice skates! Not a day goes by that Christian doesn't think about flying a kite, whether it's to cruise around on his hydrofoil in 8 knots, boost big airs in 35 knots, go for a landkite session or some epic snowkiting missions in New Zealand. His passion for teaching began at the age of 15 when he became a snowboard instructor, which later led him to study Sport Science for 7 years in University. 20 years later, Christian is still looking for ways to improve his teaching abilities and train other instructors to do the same. You’ll be amazed the difference quality lessons can make in your kiteboarding journey. Don’t hesitate, Book a Lesson now with Christian!

Favorite Gear: Airush Lift , Airush Apex Team

Favorite Kite Spots: Pinnaroo Point , Mullaloo Beach , Coronation Beach

Owner, Sales manager & Instructor

Sylvie Brassard

Sylvie learned kitesurfing in July 2013 in Winnipeg, Canada. It has changed her life, as she had never been interested in sports before. She got hooked so hard that she traveled around the world with her gear and got an IKO instructor licence in the Dominican Republic in 2015. Since then, she has taught in a few places in Canada, in the Bahamas and in Western Australia. “ I enjoy teaching because I feel that I can empower other people and change their life like kiteboarding has changed mine.” As an instructor, she is known for her enthusiastic attitude and enduring patience. “As long you are healthy and know how to swim, anyone can kitesurf. The overcoming of your fears and the learning challenge are rewarded by the pride and happiness you will get on your first rides. The feeling of gliding over the water is indescribable. I am so grateful that my job let me share this amazing moment with others!” Don’t hesitate, Book a Lesson now with Sylvie

Favorite Gear: Airush Lift , Airush Diamond

Favorite Kite Spots: Pinnaroo Point , Coronation Beach

Instructor & Airush / KiteBud Team Rider

Anh-Dao Jeannerat

Anh-Dao has been passionate about Kiteboarding since she left Switzerland. As a natural motivator, she’s been leading people on adventurous downwinders in kitesurf for years. Her friendly and positive outlook on life is contagious and her passion for kitesurfing and adventure will blow you out of the water – literally. Anh-Dao’s favourite is kitesurfing waves (Former State Champion) and her best trick on the water is teaching people to kite with more style and better technique. Step by step, Anh-Dao breaks it all down into achievable bits to ensure progression is maximised. Western Australia being the #1 Destination for reliable wind, she moved her family there for that reason. She got into coaching since she taught her 9y.o. twins daughters and got qualified to do so.

KiteBud & Airush Team Rider

Shane Garcia

Growing up in Perth, from a young age Shane’s love for being in the water was undeniable. Although he has always had a strong interest in extreme sports, it wouldn’t be until his mid 20s, when a good friend finally convinced him to give kitesurfing a try. From this point Shane never looked back. Not only has kiting led him to explore the West Australian coast, it has taken him to various parts of the world where he has competed in and explored international competitions and kiting destinations. For Shane, kitesurfing provides him with an outlet and a freedom that he is yet to find elsewhere in other sports. He doesn’t believe in locking himself into just one kite discipline and enjoys the fact that by simply changing up his board or riding location. Kite surfing continues to be just as fun and exciting as when he first began.

Favorite Gear: Airush Razor , Airush Livewire Team

Favorite Kite Spots: City Beach , Trigg Beach , Lancelin Beach , Wedge

Freestyle / Wakestyle
KiteBud & Airush Team Rider

Steve De Legh

Steve was an early adopter of kitesurfing in 1999. Following a passion for windsurfing through Great Britain, Fuerteventura, Mexico, Hawaii and onto WA, the wind and weather conditions proved too good to leave Perth! In 2000, on two line kites, Steve started the first kite school at his local beach, Pinnaroo Point. He’s flown numerous brands of kites, boards and bindings and holds seasoned opinions on all three. His kite of choice for wakestyle and old-school moves is the five-line Airush Razor for its pop, slack and responsiveness and the Airush Livewire twintip for its rocker and indestructible grind base. When he’s not flying a kite or a plane he can be found wakeboarding, or at the track in a classic British car.

Favorite Gear: Airush Razor , Airush Livewire Team

Favorite Kite Spots: Pinnaroo Point , Lancelin Beach , Woodman Point Beach 3

Freestyle / Wakestyle
KiteBud & Airush Team Rider

Nathan Ducker

Nathan has been kiting since 2001 and watched the first Airush prototypes being developed. He is an avid free surf kiter and has been involved in development and testing of wave kites and boards including other world leading brands. For him, kitesurfing is about total freedom, adventure, challenge, expression, exhilaration and mates.

Favorite Gear: Airush Session , Airush Comp Surfboard

Favorite Kite Spots: City Beach to Trigg Downwinder , Geraldton

Wave riding
KiteBud & Airush Team Rider

Jordan Wesley

Growing up in Perth Jordan would ride his bike down to the local beach most days. Whether it was for a surf or a fish the beach was his second home. At age 17 Jordan discovered kite surfing. Starting on a twin tip he quickly moved into the boosting and freestyle scene. After spending many years launching himself through the sky he moved to strapless kitesurfing. Strapless kiting combined both Jordan’s main passions of surfing and kitesurfing, giving Jordan the freedom he was looking for on the water. He now spends his spare time chasing the waves and wind that WA has to offer. Kite surfing is to Jordan just another way he gets to enjoy the ocean, especially when it is at its most wild.

Favorite Gear: Airush Session , Airush Comp Surfboard

Favorite Kite Spots: City Beach to Trigg Downwinder , Wedge Island , Gnaraloo

KiteBud & Airush Recruit Rider

Chenoa Lange

Growing up on the coast of regional WA Chenoa has always been a lover of the ocean. Moving to Geraldton in 2018 she then began to explore the world of Kitesurfing and was immediately hooked. Whether it be a cruisy sunset session or an afternoon of comical wipe-outs trying to push it to the next level she can always be seen with a beaming smile. As a relative newcomer to the support she’s always keen to see others getting involved offering support and cheers from the shore line, sharing in the joy of the sport. Now based in Perth, she’s always looking forward to her next session, trying the next thing, and exploring somewhere new. If you see her around feel free to say hi...If she doesn’t first.

Favorite Gear: Airush Lithium

Favorite Kite Spots: Safety Bay - Sand Bar , Sand Bay - Exmouth , Coronation Beach

KiteBud & Airush Team Rider

Cody Tuckwell

Growing up in the wheatbelt Cody was lucky enough to have a lake nearby, so wakeboarding was what made him fall in love with water sports of all kinds. Cody started kiting when he moved to safety bay WA In 2016. The local spot “The Pond” is where he usually rides freestyle with a great group of mates who love to push each other. Travelling around WA with chasing the wind is his biggest thrill. If you see Cody around, come say hi, he loves a good chat. Looking forward to this next venture, Tucky.

Favorite Gear: Airush Razor , Airush Livewire Team

Favorite Kite Spots: Safety Bay - The Pond , Sandy Bay - Exmouth

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