If you are looking for the best kite surfing school in Perth, you came to the right place! Go ahead, do your research, read and compare. You will soon find out that with over a hundred and fifty 5-star Google Reviews, KiteBud is the kite surfing school in Perth with the highest number of 5-star ratings.



Learn to KitesurfAt KiteBud we take the extra time and effort to customize and adapt our training equipment to allow you to progress safely while having fun! In our school, safety is paramount! That's why we only use the safest and most up to date teaching methods and equipment available.


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KiteBud uses the latest technology in water-sports communication. The BB Talkin helmets allow a clear 2-way communication between the instructor and the student. This means you can have instant feedback and progress much faster with confidence.


Kite Surfing Lessons

All KiteBud students have access to their own Google Drive Folder. After each lesson, you will be able to access the pictures and videos taken during the day!



Your Google Drive folder also contains a personalized feedback form which will be updated after each lesson. You won't find any other school who takes the extra time and effort to keep track of your progression. This way you know exactly what skills you've covered and those you need to work on the next time you're on the water. Now that's a very personalized teaching approach!




We love to share our experience through free Kite Surfing Clinics on the beach! Ask other Kite Surfers, KiteBud is a name you can trust with a strong reputation in the industry!  KiteBud has been teaching and coaching sports professionally for the last 20 years! We are the Only Kite Surfing School in Perth where you are guaranteed to get a Qualified Local Instructor with thousands of hours of Local Teaching Experience! KiteBud will share with you all the local knowledge you need to you know about Kite Surfing in Perth, but also in Many other areas in Western Australia. We will also introduce you to the local community so you can meet your new Kite Surfing friends!


Kitesurfing courses

KiteBud understands the importance of having FUN during lessons, which is why we introduced our unique and exclusive Online Program! This program allows you to study the important (but not so exciting) theory and safety aspects of the sport from home before lessons. Therefore, when you show up for your lessons you are fully prepared for the FUN and practical stuff . This means YOU get to fly a kite straight away and enter the water in your first lesson!


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KiteBud is not only a fully qualified Kiteboarding Australia Instructor, but is also the only Kite Surfing instructor in Australia with a University Degree in Sports Science. We have a real passion for teaching and we are always trying to improve so we can not only meet but surpass your expectations. KiteBud has used his knowledge in teaching and Sports Science to write parts of the Kiteboarding Australia Instructors Manual. KiteBud is also training to become a qualified Kiteboarding Australia instructor trainer/examiner.



KiteBud understands that lessons can seem expensive at first. That's why we choose to offer the Best value for money in Perth. Our Online Program will save you at least 2 hours of lessons, which essentially makes our lesson packages the cheapest! We will also give you plenty of advice on the best equipment for you. Once your lessons are over, KiteBud will happily continue to give you some technical advice and feedback whenever possible. Value for money also means that we make the most out of your lesson time by asking you to arrive 30 minutes before your lesson starts. This means that by the time your lesson starts, your are ready for action with all your equipment setup!





When contacting KiteBud, you will communicate directly with your instructor. We are a small operation which means we focus on quality versus quantity. At KiteBud, we understand the importance of treating every customer like family and creating a friendly and genuine connection with each student.  Your satisfaction is our TOP priority, that's why KiteBud will always go the extra mile in making sure you get the VIP  treatment you deserve.  You can contact KiteBud anytime using the Live Chat option (8am to 8pm any day), or call us between 8am and 8pm any day on 0423089906 (Lessons) or on 0426177720 (Sales) . You can also email us:


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