Airush Kite Bladders

If you just need to replace your Airush valves, you can find them in our spare parts section here. 

If you need a new Airush kite bladder (Leading edge bladder, struts bladders or the entire bladder set) to revive your old Airush kite, please keep reading.

Unfortunately, the Airush factory cannot supply bladders for older kite models (more than 2 years old).

Bladders for older Airush kite models must be ordered through a kite bladder specialist located overseas.

There are many options around the World (see the full list here), but we highly recommend you order them through Dr. Tuba in Slovenia because they offer good prices, excellent service, fast production, fast delivery and high-quality bladders and valves (better than the original).

We can order the bladder(s) for you (more expensive), but you can also order it yourself directly from their website (less expensive) and have it delivered directly to your door without going through us.

All Dr. Tuba bladders come with pre-installed valves that are HF Welded directly to the bladder which provide a very solid bond (cannot peel off).

Here is the link to order your kite bladders:

You can order directly on their website (as a guest or create an account) and then pay them online, it’s very simple. Just keep in mind that you will be paying in Euros, so don’t forget to factor in your bank’s exchange rate and your bank’s international transaction fees.

Once you place your order, Dr. Tuba will update you by email and send your bladders via DHL with tracking. The entire process from order to delivery to your door usually takes less than 2 weeks.

Just be 100% sure of the year, model and size of the kite. If you make a mistake, it will be very expensive to return and get the correct one afterwards.

If you want us to order the bladders for you, the bladders will need to be delivered to us first. We will need to add GST on top of the final price as well as shipping costs from Perth to your door (if you can’t collect in Perth).

Please contact us if you prefer that we order your Airush kite bladders for you.

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