Lancelin is located only 1.5 Hours from Perth, it offers great wave riding conditions for both windsurfers and kitesurfers. THERE ARE NO KITESURFING SCHOOLS / SHOPS IN LANCELIN. Other than this location (Lancelin Beach aka ''main break'') you will also find 2 other locations: Lancelin Jetty and Lancelin Island (where beginners are encouraged to go to). Lancelin Beach is the most popular spot as it offers a variety of conditions from flat water to waves. You can easily drive on the beach with a 4x4. You MUST stay clear of the windsurfing rigging and launching area North of Lancelin Beach (see map below). Rangers issue fines for non compliance. Please pack up your kites and lines when not in use, other vehicles will not see your bar and lines and will drive over them. Lancelin Beach is NOT recommended for beginners due to the presence of shallow reef, strong currents, waves, wind shadows close to Edwards island, side-off shore winds downwind of the point and the proximity to the windsurfing zone.

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