Pinnaroo Point (aka ''Pinnas'') is a beginner friendly location due to the absence of large waves and shore breaks. It works best in Sea Breezes (S, SSW, SW) during the summer months (October-April). Pinnaroo Point can get very crowded on week end and during holidays, so space can be limited. Two schools operate at this location: ActionSportsWa and KiteBud. Please respect the beginners (whether they are in a lesson or not) by giving them lots of space. Do not setup, launch, land or fly your kite on the dog beach. As this is a deep water location with predominately side-shore winds, you must be fully competent at self-rescue and board recovery. The beach can be quite narrow and full of sea weed during the winter months and in October/Early November.

Location Guide Pinnaroo Point
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Forecast from Seabreeze

KiteBud Meter Pinnaroo Point (Live readings available only during lessons)

Hillarys Yacht Club meter (Hillarys Boat Harbour)

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