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What students say about KiteBud

Peter Searle
Peter Searle
05:45 01 Dec 19
I highly recommend Kitebud if you are thinking of learning to Kiteboard. They are by far the safest and quickest way to take up the sport, or even just to try it and see (like I did). I am now hooked. I do not think that you can safely, or effectively learn to Kiteboard without lessons; the headset comms makes learning interactive and as quick and fun as possible. They supply all the gear. Make sure you watch their videos first then just roll up and enjoy. Christian and Slyvie are great instructors - friendly, informative and incredibly patient. Give it a go. Chances are you will love it.
Lindsay Pegrum
Lindsay Pegrum
12:44 17 Nov 19
Great location. Very experienced and friendly instructors with all the equipment you could need. If you go to any kite school make it here!
02:40 11 Nov 19
Great kite school ! I have done 10h practice course. The staff is competent and cool. Video feedback are really making a difference for progression!
Guillaume DAMENEZ
Guillaume DAMENEZ
12:01 03 Nov 19
I'm beginner and I've done 6hours kitesurfing lesson, now I'm feeling more confident to practice by myself. Christian and Sylvie are amazing, they provide to you a complete and professional course, they always give you good advise for everything. I'll recommend them to everyone.
Manuel Dias
Manuel Dias
02:58 23 Oct 19
I am an experienced rider. Just bought some gear from kitebud. Their customer service is great. Giving me loads of advice and keeping in touch throughout from purchase to recieving the gear. And even offering advice on the beach. A big 👍from me.
steve d
steve d
06:12 26 Mar 19
Thanks guys for getting me hooked. Lessons were fantastic, great wealth of knowledge and taking the time to suit my ability. With safety a priority while learning made me at ease. Highly recommend Christian and Sylvie.
carla s
carla s
01:07 03 Mar 19
Sylvie and Christian run a very polished school. The pre lesson tutorials and the post session videos set the school apart. Thank you for pushing and encouraging me. I have found my love of kiting! 😍
Danielle Learmonth
Danielle Learmonth
10:11 27 Feb 19
Christian and Sylvie are fantastic, I have taken a very long time to learn as I wanted to learn at my own pace. Sylvie has been absolutely amazing, very patient and great at explaining what I need to do and most importantly how to do it. Even to the point where she has come in the water with me so I can build my confidence up. I would recommend these guys to anyone especially us girls.
dara armstrong
dara armstrong
12:39 04 Feb 19
Had a great experience with Kitebud. Being a step by step learner Christian simplified each task to perform & patiently give me pointers along the way. When I struggled he encouraged me to keep going & on lesson 8 I got on the board & came on leaps & bounds in lesson 9 & 10. Christian covered safety & self rescue which was 1st class & If I ever have trouble in the ocean Ive no doubt I can make it back to shore. Tutorials were a massive help before I even done a lesson. Highly Recommended Kitebud 👏👏👏
Travis Barnes
Travis Barnes
13:01 08 Jan 19
I received a 3 x 2hr package from my partner for Christmas with Kitebud. I had no real kiteboarding experience except for a bit of time with a trainer kite. Sylvie took me through all the safety and preparation parts in the beginning. Like most learners I just wanted to get on the board but the preparation paid off in a big way. I was on the board by the end of the second lesson......well I stood up and fell off a fair bit which isn’t that unusual. The good news was I was able to body drag back up wind and collect the board and safely return to shore. It turns out all the preparation is very important. Trust me after you stack it’s really reassuring that you can rescue yourself. By the end of the third session I was managing to get up and actually kite for about 50m ( well it felt like that anyway) and safely return to shore and land the kite. I was very happy with the gear and the tuition. Kitebud gets a big thumbs up from me and they have a great reputation in the kite surfing scene. The package of videos, kite gear, experienced instructors and top learning location was awesome. Thanks guys for providing such a positive learning experience. I’m hooked and already seeking out my kite to carry on with this addiction.
Warrick Heavens
Warrick Heavens
13:56 30 Mar 18
I had a lesson with Christian at Pinnaroo. He gave me great feedback and improved my riding and jumping ability within the hour. He also sent through video footage of the kiting session the same day which was helpful. I’d recommend him to others .
Matthew Ferguson
Matthew Ferguson
11:20 09 Mar 18
Christian at Kite Bud has created a great learning experience for me. After 4 two hour lessons, I am up on the board and away! Lots more to learn, but have a good handle on the basics. The online tutorials with Kite Bud, and the one on one tuition, has made this a fun and fast learning curve. Thanks Christian. Greg Ferguson, Watermans Bay.
Bryan O'Carroll
Bryan O'Carroll
02:25 09 Mar 18
Had three lessons with Christian and was very impressed with the whole experience! His video's give a massive insight into what to expect and prepare for before the lessons. So you dont waste much time in getting to the practical side of things!! Highly recommend! The whole experience was simplified and hassle free! Cheers Christian??
Felicity Norman
Felicity Norman
22:42 10 Feb 18
I would definitely recommend Kitebud. I started my lessons nervous and unsure how the lessons would be, due to a bad experience with kite lessons in Victoria. However, lessons with Kitebud were completely different. Christian was understanding, patient and went at my own pace. Having the videos to watch before each lesson helped with having some basic knowledge before each lesson. All the equipment was high quality and having the helmet with speaker, so that he could direct and offer corrections in real time was helpful. An emphasis was placed on safety and helping you to progress to a level where you can go and continue learning by yourself.
Julien Chaplier
Julien Chaplier
02:26 04 Feb 18
I took 6 hours to learn the basics and am very happy with training. There's a lot of focus on safety and was glad I could practice a bunch of emergency procedures. The videos and web content available with the training save at least 1 hour of training, maybe 2. They are of great value. Training can be done in French or in English.
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“We spent a lot of time with the Lithium v11 working to develop a kite that was a true evolution of the Lithium, while being relevant to the changing market. We kept an aspect of the bar drive from the original design, while reducing the bar pressure and creating a much more responsive and crisp performance kite.” Mark Pattison – Kite Designer

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Let’s face it, we live in a time where everything has to be done fast, easy and cheap. Unfortunately, the kitesurfing lessons industry hasn’t escaped this trend. Newbies are being sold the dream of learning to kite in just a few hours, cruising around effortlessly on their boards, independent and safe.

The sad part is that most students, even those who wanted proper training, simply don’t realize that the product they actually bought is much closer to a kitesurfing experience rather than a good lesson. Don’t get me wrong, students getting a kitesurfing experience can have a pretty awesome time as well.

Lessons are oversimplified and the focus is put on getting on to the board quickly. The only way to achieve this is to skip (or go very quickly over) an impressive amount of fundamental skills. This, of course, is often done in shallow waters with constant assistance from the instructor.

As a result, the majority of students completing their lessons aren’t independent at all and need to be re-trained if they really wish to become genuinely independent kitesurfers.

The simplest way to evaluate the quality of your training is not to watch what the instructor says or does but to ask yourself what do you know and what are you competent at doing without the help of your instructor?

Through many years of re-training hundreds of students, I took notes of the most common knowledge and skills that were lacking from these under-trained kiters and would like to share this with everyone in my first blog post

The idea is to give students a comprehensive tool to self-assess the quality of their training as well as a tool to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

My ultimate hope is that schools offering kitesurfing experiences actually market their product as such and that schools offering average lessons up their game to offering good lessons.

Thanks for reading. As usual I’d love to hear from your experiences and get some feed-back.

Christian – KiteBud Kitesurfing Lessons Perth

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