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Why choose KiteBud ?

What customers say about KiteBud Kitesurfing Lessons Perth

Hector RazetoHector Razeto
12:50 18 Mar 24
I had a really good experience. Excellent teachers. I took 6 classes, along with training alone, and was able to go upwind in approximately 2 months
13:10 11 Mar 24
Awesome Lessons that have made me eager to progress and continue kiting! I had lessons with Christian, He has an easy to understand approach to teaching and is clearly passionate about the sport and... the importance of safety and learning the right way from the start. Kitebud have a wide range of equipment to cater to student needs and the conditions. Great location too.Thanks Kitebud and Christian!- Mattread more
Ben SkennertonBen Skennerton
23:15 07 Mar 24
Shipping from WA to Qld was really quick, and no delay in Kitebud packing the order. I had a slight issue with my order and they fixed it quickly with no issue's, definitely a business you can trust.... It was an easy more
Annaëlle SebbenAnnaëlle Sebben
08:03 28 Jan 24
Having just experienced training with Kite Bud, I can't help but be genuinely impressed. What sets them apart is not just their professionalism but their knack for pinpointing where I needed to... improve. The consistency in their approach and the personalized teaching methods made my journey into kite surfing both enjoyable and effective. If you're really serious about kite surfing, I wholeheartedly recommend Kite Bud—it's the way to go. Cheers!read more
Cameron SaundersCameron Saunders
05:54 12 Jan 24
Great school! Great instructor!
Katie RollinsonKatie Rollinson
04:47 12 Jan 24
I can’t recommend kitebud enough - Christian was a great coach, really professional and clearly has a lot of experience. Covered all theory, essential safety procedures and improved my riding so I... now feel confident to go out on my own. Exactly what I wanted from the lessons, thankyou!!read more
Tim HaggerTim Hagger
11:09 03 Dec 23
Last time I kited that area was two years ago around the island.. awesome school..lots of respect for the owner. V experienced guy. This popped up so I decided to give a review much later 😀
Xavier BernardXavier Bernard
04:33 16 Nov 23
I had a very specific issue and they were quick to provide me exactly the details I needed.They are the go to for Airush products (lift v3 is in stock woohoo).The WA spots description on the... website is super useful for travellers like more
BOnker's AdventureBOnker's Adventure
08:34 11 Oct 23
The lessons that Christian provides are great value for money. Each lesson is thorough with clear explanations/ demonstrations. Awesome attention to detail throughout the lessons with lots of videos... and feedback provided after each lesson:) Highly, highly recommend! Thanks Christian!read more
Will JWill J
10:15 23 Sep 23
Great teacher! Super professional and dedicated to teaching. Online content is also extremely helpful.

Our Promise

What is it like to learn to kitesurf with KiteBud ? Check out the video below!

Kitesurfing Lessons Perth

Our Blog shows you How KiteBud - Kite surfing Lessons Perth

Stands out from the Competition

KiteBud also regularly shares Free Professional Advice Online

KiteBud - Kite surfing Lessons Perth. Unbeatable Value for Money!

Kite surfing lessons perth kitesurfing classes

Kitesurfing Lessons

You will progress much quicker thanks to our video tutorials!

These videos will save you money and a lot of lesson time!

Watch Kitesurfing Lessons Youtube samples here

KiteBud will make you a safe, independent & confident kitesurfer

With KiteBud, you are well covered

in every step of the way of your kitesurfing journey

Let’s face it, we live in a time where everything has to be done fast, easy and cheap. Unfortunately, the kite surfing lessons industry hasn’t escaped this trend. Newbies are being sold the dream of learning to kite in just a few hours, cruising around effortlessly on their boards, independent and safe.

The sad part is that most students, even those who wanted proper training, simply don’t realize that the product they actually bought is much closer to a kitesurfing experience rather than a good lesson. Don’t get me wrong, students getting a kitesurfing experience can have a pretty awesome time as well.

Lessons are oversimplified and the focus is put on getting on to the board quickly. The only way to achieve this is to skip (or go very quickly over) an impressive amount of fundamental skills. This, of course, is often done in shallow waters with constant assistance from the instructor.

As a result, the majority of students completing their lessons aren’t independent at all and need to be re-trained if they really wish to become genuinely independent kitesurfers.

The simplest way to evaluate the quality of your training is not to watch what the instructor says or does but to ask yourself what do you know and what are you competent at doing without the help of your instructor?

Through many years of re-training hundreds of students, I took notes of the most common knowledge and skills that were lacking from these under-trained kiters and would like to share this with everyone in my first blog post

The idea is to give students a comprehensive tool to self-assess the quality of their training as well as a tool to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

My ultimate hope is that schools offering kitesurfing experiences actually market their product as such and that schools offering average lessons up their game to offering good lessons.

Thanks for reading. As usual I’d love to hear from your experiences and get some feed-back.

Christian – KiteBud Kite-surfing Lessons Perth

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KiteBud is a safe place for kite surfing for beginners so you can avoid a kitesurfing accident. Book your kiteboard lesson and kite surfing lessons here.


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