Selecting your AIRUSH kite

KITE Model Comparisons 

As much as we chase versatility within every model, each rider has a specific set of preferences around the way they want to ride in their local conditions. The quick model comparisons help you to navigate the fundamental features and differences.


One vs Ultra


The One features a longer chord and larger leading edge, this creates more parked power, makes it easy to keep in the power zone, and gives more sweep to assist in relaunch. The Ultra is higher aspect with a finer foil, allowing it to fly further forward in the window.

Lithium vs Session


The Lithium features a longer center chord for more parked power and bar drive. It features more sweep in the wingtip for improved relaunch. The Square wingtips on the Session create a kite that pivots more, while the reduced sweep creates a more direct input. The Lithium has v3 pulley bridles and the Session includes both the fixed bridles and the V3 pulley bridle system.

Session vs Union


The Session has a lower aspect ratio compared to the Union, creating a kite that pivots more in the turn, and sits slightly further back when it needs to. The Union is a higher aspect platform for more jumping orientation, while maintaining the square wingtips for powerful looping. The Union features a fixed bridle for maximum stability.

Union vs Lift


The Lift is the highest aspect of our kites with its focus on the biggest jumping possible, while the Union’s lower aspect and squarer wingtips are more focused towards looping and all-around versatility.

The Union features three struts while the Lift features five, this stabilizes the longer span of the Lift.

Lift vs Razor


Both 5-strut kites are designed as solid frames to support aggressive, powered riding. The high aspect and bridle system on the Lift are focused on jumping as high as possible with as much ease as possible, while the Razor is focused on freestyle, with sizes 10m and under, it is more jumping oriented while still maintaining the classic freestyle components.


Why should you buy an Airush Kite ?

“The way kiteboarding continues to evolve is staggering, I put this down to how efficient kites are as machines. What else weighs only a few kilograms, can propel you 20 meters in the air for over 10 seconds, and then pack down to the size of a backpack? 

This gives us almost infinite freedom to create products that open up your playground to whatever you want to do. From the park to flatwater to surf; it’s all at your fingertips with a gentle tug of the bar. We focus on every single little detail, knowing that your time on the water and investment into our premium products is the essence that drives us forward.” – Clinton Filen


Real innovation is not an easy dream to chase. It takes constant dedication and hours of designing, building, testing and then doing it all over again. It’s generally not about a quick or simple solution, but more about a big idea that could take years to perfect. Our secret is the combination of designer experience, rapid prototyping, and group of highly committed athletes and product testers.

This led to the concept of “By Innovators, for Innovators”.  An alignment between designers working relentlessly to create something new, and riders who are seriously pushing the limits of riding.


Making products that last as long as possible without sacrificing performance is another thing that makes us tick. We celebrate the idea of buying something that you really want, knowing it works exceptionally well, and being able to use it for a long time.


From being 10 x carbon positive, to our solar powered design center and our relentless pursuit of more sustainable materials and processes, our ethos regarding sustainability and sustainable partnerships truly drives us. Our fundamental aim is to leave the planet better off than when we started.


Need help choosing the right kite size ? Check out this blog article.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more help choosing the right kite model and kite size for your needs.

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