Kitesurfing Beginner Online Course

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14 videos / 115 minutes

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Kitesurfing Beginner Online Course

Kitesurfing Beginner Online Course – Online Program BRONZE

14 Videos / 115 minutes

Slowly spoken English with screen captions.

Which videos will be included with your purchase?

Included VideosDuration
Regulations & Location Analysis7:15
Wind Sources & Wind Directions9:09
Understanding Wind Forecast5:22
Kitesurfing Wind Window2:09
Kite Setup & Terminology15:32
Kite Packing5:24
Kite Control11:38
Basic Flying Skills8:33
Kitesurfing Safety Systems15:17
Kitesurfing Self Rescue10:59
Pack Down Self Rescue3:22
How To Untangle Lines5:03
Assisted Launching10:33
Assisted Landing4:48

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