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New KiteBud Line Tuner! Fix your detuned lines quickly with our custom made Line Tuner!

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New KiteBud Kitesurfing Line Tuner!

Our line tuner works with all 4-line bars. Pigtails and Larks heads are removable. If you need a 5-line configuration, please let us know and we will add a 5th connector for FREE!

How to fix detuned lines with a Kitesurfing Line  Tuner

Is your kite not flying right? Turning on one side? Backstalling ? Most of the time this is due to poorly tuned lines. Fix it quickly with our Kitesurfing Line Tuner

Did you know that over time, kitesurfing lines can both shrink and stretch ?

Watch our free video tutorial below to learn how to fix your detuned lines

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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