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4 Hours package (2x 2H Private Lessons)


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You are buying lesson credit for Four Hours of Private Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons (2x 2H Lessons) including Silver Level access to KiteBud’s Online Program (22 Free videos).

✅  All lessons held at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys WA

✅  Lesson credit valid for 3 years from the date of purchase

✅ Bookings available from October to March

✅  All equipment included

✅  Most professional school in Perth with the highest teaching & safety standards

✅  Best customer satisfaction with 200+ 5-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Reviews

✅  Teaching with 2-way radio helmets

✅  Free Online Program with professional video tutorials produced by KiteBud

✅  Friendly & individualized 1-on-1 instruction

✅  Fully qualified & experienced instructors

✅  Free Photos & Videos uploaded to your account after each lesson

✅  Daily written progression report uploaded to your account after each lesson


This is our usual lessons schedule:

Monday to Sunday
1pm to 3 pm
3:30pm to 5:30pm

What will be covered during your first 4 Hours of lesson?

Kitesurfing regulations & Location analysis
Identify wind: sources, directions, strengths & effects
Understand the 3D wind window: safe launching & landing areas, safe flying areas and power zones
Safely setup kite and lines on a windy beach. Identify parts of the equipment. Safely pack down kite/lines
Explain and activate all safety systems before flight
Assisted launch & Land from the kite perspective
Basic flying skills: steady kite at all clock positions with a good stance, a relaxed posture & hand grip
Emergency self-land using the safety system
Water re-launch from water’s edge
Assisted launch/land from the bar perspective
Knowledge & use of communication signals
Practical Self Rescue simulation on the beach
First body drag & practical basic deep water self-rescue
Relaunching the kite in deep water
Body-drag away & return to the beach safely
One handed flying skills
Walk around safely while flying the kite & being aware of other kiters, beach users & other potential dangers
Upwind body dragging: Leave beach & return to same spot after 50m body drag
Walk safely upwind while carrying the board & safely moving the kite position to avoid dangers & problems
Body-drag using the board as a keel

After your first four hours of lessons, you should be able to have good control of a few different sizes of inflatable kites. You will have experience with flying different line lengths (from 5 to 24m). Depending on your kite control skills, you should be able to body drag upwind and perform board recoveries. You will also be able to setup/pack down your equipment on your own without any assistance. When arriving at the beach, you will have the ability to assess the location (pros, cons, dangers) and the wind conditions (strength, direction, effects). With KiteBud you will learn practical safety drills and demonstrate your competence in being able to get yourself out of trouble (self-rescue) when anything goes wrong.

Which videos will be included with your 4 Hour Booking?

Included Videos2H Booking
(Online Program Bronze)
4H Booking
(Online Program Silver)
6H+ Booking
(Online Program Gold)
Regulations & Location analysisgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Sources & Wind Directions greentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Speed & Wind Effectsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kitesurfing Equipmentgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Windowgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Setup & Equipment Terminologygreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Packinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Controlgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Flying Skillsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Safety systemsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
Pack Down Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
How to Untangle Linesgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Launchinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Landinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Water Relaunchinggreentick2greentick2
Body Dragginggreentick2greentick2
Water Startsgreentick2greentick2
First Runsgreentick2greentick2
Right of Way Rulesgreentick2greentick2
Riding Upwindgreentick2greentick2
Advanced Self-Landinggreentick2
Tethered Launching & Landinggreentick2
Line Tuninggreentick2
Recovering from a Kite Inversiongreentick2
All future & Bonus KiteBud videosgreentick2

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7 reviews for 4 Hours package (2x 2H Private Lessons)

  1. Quillan Hannibal

    I am very satisfied and impressed with the level of knowledge and skill that Christian was able to convey clearly and constructively in such a short three hours. I really enjoyed the in depth approach and step by step learning breakdown He employs teaching the fundamentals and levels of importance of each aspect of kiteboarding. I really wish I could have done a second session the next day to be able to take what I’ve learned through the end of the entry learning process while it was so fresh but my schedule dictated otherwise. Nonetheless I feel very well situated to continue learning and moving into kitesurfing as soon as I am able. I was provided with much more material, tutorial videos, in person lesson videos and coaching notes than I expected to get and the level of attentiveness was top notch. I highly recommend Kitebud to anyone looking to actually learn to kitesurf and begin with a solid set of fundamentals and good habits to build on as well as an informed understanding of the mechanics and dangers of the sport and how to mitigate them as best as possible.

  2. Brett Dann

    Can highly recommend Christian at KiteBud for those looking to get into Kitesurfing. My Kiting journey began with another “school” out on the river. After a couple of lessons, I really didn’t feel safe or confident out there as the TWO different instructors barely touched on the safety/ self-rescue side of things. Most things were demo’d rather than practiced which definitely wasn’t ideal. At that point I decided to look elsewhere for some lessons and was recommended I contact KiteBud. I’m glad I did! It was a completely different experience and by the end of the first lesson I felt much more confident in managing myself out on the water! Christian was very knowledgeable, thorough and communication out on the water was great with use of his radio helmets. Overall I had a great time learning to kitesurf with KiteBud and will definitely be sending others their way! Thanks again

  3. Jason Gray

    I booked a couple of refresher lessons with Kitebud to get me up and running after some initial lessons late in the previous season 9 months earlier. I genuinely could not have been happier. Kitebud have all the toys with in-helmet radios, new equipment and some light wind kites that had me flying before anyone else. But most of all, the commitment to safety, level of knowledge and attention to detail is such that I wish I had gone to Kitebud the previous season for my initial lessons. Anyone wondering if Kitebud is as good as everyone says – they are!!

  4. Mike Bramwell

    If you are interested in learning how to become an independent and safe Kitesurfer then look no further than the Kite Bud school. Christian lives and breathes Kitesurfing and always provides clear, concise instructions with seemingly never ending patience. I learned the hard-way that not all Kite schools teach the independent part of Kitesurfing on top of learning to ride the board e.g. setup/pack-up, launch/land, reading the wind/other kiters, emergency procedures, board retrieval etc, all of which you will learn at Kite Bud. I’ve still got a lot to learn in this sport so look forward to booking some more lessons as well as getting out there on my own now I have the confidence thanks to the lessons at Kite Bud.

  5. Josselin Bohler

    Really good kitesurfing experience with Chris from Kite Bud. I felt very safe learning with them. He takes the time to explain everything to you but also adapt the lesson to your level. They have excellent gear, very new and even a Truck for light wind conditions 😉

  6. Jaerus Croskery

    The best kitesurfing lessons I have done. Progressed a lot faster then I expected. Definitely recommend checking them out if your thinking of doing lessons. Great instructors and location.

  7. Chris Chivers

    I have on managed to get 2 lessons before we left Perth. (Traveling around Australia) I found Christian to be very competent and straight up with information and feed back that I required to go forward. I was most impressed with his safety focused training as using a kite on a busy beach could be extremely dangerous if not considering all of the elements around you. I am disappointed that I will not be around Perth to finish my kiteboarding tuition here in Perth.

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