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Kitesurfing Hydrofoil Lessons – Learn to Foilboard with a kite



For advanced kitesurfers only (minimum 2 seasons of kitesurfing experience recommended)


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KiteBud Hydrofoil Lessons – Learn to Kite Foil 

For advanced kitesurfers only (minimum 2 seasons of kitesurfing recommended)

✅  All coaching sessions held at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys WA

✅ Bookings available from October to March

✅  Most experienced hydrofoil instructor in Perth with 8 years of hydro-foiling experience

✅  The most fun you’ll ever have in light winds

✅  Guaranteed safest and fastest progression

✅  Safe and modern beginner friendly hydrofoil equipment included

✅  Coaching with 2-way radio helmets

✅  Free video analysis service



Hydrofoil Lessons

This equipment is perfectly adapted to complete beginners and is currently the safest and most progressive way to learn how to hydrofoil. Starting off with such a large front wing and very short masts (40cm + 60cm) allows for much easier balance and control while being able to foil at very low speeds. This means you avoid spectacular (and dangerous) crashes while learning in total confidence.

Combined with the use of radio helmets for instant feedback we will dramatically cut down the learning curve.

KiteBud has taught many students how to hydrofoil in just a few hours! While it’s possible to learn to hydrofoil by yourself, we don’t recommend it. In fact, did you know that most kitesurfer who try to self-learn how to foil give up after just a few hours? This is because learning to hydrofoil feels like learning to kitesurf all over again. It’s also dangerous especially if you’re starting off with more advanced equipment (high masts, thin and sharp wings). Over the years KiteBud has perfected the best teaching approach to give you the best results possible while keeping you SAFE.

Nothing compares to the feeling of gliding effortlessly above the water with a hydrofoil. You’ll be amazed of the efficiency of a hydrofoil, allowing you to kitesurf in winds below 10 knots!

Check out this video of one of KiteBud’s student learning to Hydrofoil at our Pinnaroo Point school:


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6 reviews for Kitesurfing Hydrofoil Lessons – Learn to Foilboard with a kite

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    I wanted to try hydrofoil for a long time and when I saw that KiteBud was offering lessons at Pinnaroo, it was time to give it a shot.
    What a feeling! After only a few sessions, I’m now able to foil and it’s a ton of fun.
    The progression is very fast thanks to the adaptive equipment (different mast length and wind size as you get better) and the video analysis. With the direct feedback in the radio helmet, you know exactly what you are doing wrong and how to fix it right away, making huge progress in no time.
    Highly recommended if you’re looking for a new challenge and want to boost you kite skills.
    Thanks KiteBud, can’t wait to go foil again 🙂

  2. Aurélie Spies

    I recently took hydrofoil classes with KiteBud and it went very well. Chris is connected with you at all time though the radio helmet. I was impressed by how professional he is, staying calm and clear while talking trough the radio, directly pointing issues and how to correct them in real time. This pedagogy is the best for a fast and steady progression, while always feeling in a safe environment. I was able to foil within a few hours thanks to those high quality lessons. Thanks Chris, I will come back to learn more!

  3. Dave Thomas

    What I loved about learning to kite surf with Christian is that he teaches you from the ‘bottom up’ in a very structured way. Don’t expect to be riding a board in your first couple of hours of lessons like other schools advertise. He teaches you the essentials first with a key emphasis on safety, enabling you to be an independent kiter who can get yourself out of trouble and back home safely, without loosing your board. I highly recommend KiteBud to anyone wanting to try this incredibly rewarding sport.

  4. P. Mc.

    Christian was professional, organised and helpful. He was very knowledgeable and helped me get foiling in my first foiling lesson. He is a great instructor. Thanks mate.

  5. Kylie Hodgkinson

    I went out today for the first time on a foil board with Christian from kitebud and with his help I was able to get up and going on a foil board. I’ve kited for a few years now and have heard that kite foiling was pretty difficult so I didn’t want to waste time working it out myself. Using the radio headsets meant that Christian was able to direct me from the beach and make my first foiling experience a success. Thanks Christian, I’m sure you have saved me a lot of time on the water learning and possible injuries, your instruction was very professional and informative. Do yourself a favour and grab a lesson, especially with these guys, they know what they are doing and have good gear too.

  6. Rod Cumming

    Christian & Sylvie run an excellent kitesurfing school. I’ve had a couple of hours lessons with Christian on the foil and both my sons have started to learn with Sylvie and their co instructor Damien up in Shark Bay. They run a very professional and safe school. I wish these guys were around when I started to learn over 10 years ago! The videos they have created are an excellent tool that help beginners quickly learn the basics. I have been amazed at how quickly and safely they can get beginners up and kiting. I highly recommend Kitebud.

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