G-Stick Kitesurfing One-Way Inflation Valve 9mm



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G stick Kitesurfing One-Way Inflation valve 9mm.

Suitable for many kites including all Airush kites from 2000 to 2014.

The 9mm Self-Stick-Valve is a very common inflate valve used for years.  One way valve allows air to enter the kite while pumping but stops air from going out.  To release, simply squeeze valve to let air out or modify into 2 way-valve by cutting out the 1-way flap.

Tear Aid Patch Size: 76mm (3 inches)

Stick on your bladder to replace your deflation valve. Only suitable for kitesurfing bladder repair.

Comes with rubbing alcohol pad.

Not suitable for Vinyl or PVC kite repairs.

ULTRA adhesive patch material ensuring a permanent bond on different bladders from all brands and additional re-positioning the patch in early, crucial stages of installation. This is the best option for replacing faulty original valves on bladders.

All valves are HF welded on the patch and not glued, which delivers the best possible and equal bond of the valves.


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