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Team engineerd lightweight design for foil, freeride & surf.
Reduced diameter leading edge for maximum efficiency.
Ho’okipa Ultra PE high pressure leading edge, strut & load frame.

Defining the future of minimalistic, lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, the Ultra Team is a more responsive, faster, and lighter version of the Ultra reinforced with Ho’okipa Ultra PE material. Featuring a thinner, higher pressure leading edge to reduce drag and allow for a higher angle of attack when riding upwind, as well as a fixed bridle for direct steering. The unique blend of efficiency, stability and responsiveness creates an extremely versatile product.

Lightweight single strut geometry
Improved canopy tension & rigidity to increase responsiveness
Fixed bridles
Ho’okipa LE narrower diameter
LE high pressure Ultra PE leading edge and struts
Ultra PE Airush Load Frame v4 featuring WebTech
Higher tension LE and strut
Reduced weight


When it comes to defining the future of lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, we introduce the new Ultra Team, featuring Ho’okipa.

Conceived as the ultimate kite for the minimalist, the single strut Ultra continues to lead the revolution of foil and light-wind freeride. From this incredible base, we have developed the Ultra Team, the result is supercharged responsiveness coupled with sublime handling, and of course the long-term performance you expect from Airush.

Developed in partnership with Challenge Sailcloth, the Hoókipa Ultra PE leading edge and strut composite material is 25% lighter and 10x stronger than traditional fabrics. This allows for 50% higher pressure, creating increased stiffness combined with a thinner leading edge.

As a base material Ultra PE up to 32 x stronger compared directly to polyester, with the Ultra PE fiber being 15x stronger than steel at the same weight and 2x lighter than Carbon Fiber, in fact Ultra PE fiber is so light that it floats on water. Once integrated into Hoókipa´s unique woven structure, a high amount of material in the composite is structural, allowing us to optimize all areas of the construction.

Understanding the characteristics of this material is the key to the responsiveness of the Ultra Team – the process of inflation places a higher tension on the stiff fabric and you feel that immediately. The biggest combined benefit of the Ho´okipa is the ability to run high tension without sacrificing longevity. This higher tension leading edge and strut creates a much more responsive frame that responds quickly to rider input and keeps the kite stable.

Running up to 50% more leading-edge pressure, this creates a stiffer structure and ultimately allows us to run a reduced diameter high pressure leading edge and struts. The thinner LE reduces the drag on the kite, allowing a higher angle of attack when going upwind, or traveling at a higher speed. Which is also ideal in more offshore wave conditions to help keep the rider on the wave face.

Utilizing the same Ultra PE primary fiber as the leading edge and struts, the load frame carries much of the primary load running through the canopy.

Hookipa Ultra PE fabric is 25% lighter than traditional Dacron leading-edge materials. With the 5m weighing in at under 1.5kgs, this is the lightest production 5m we have ever made and this reduced weight keeps the kite flying even in the lightest conditions.

Considering how small the Ultra Team packs down, its reduced weight, and crazy low end, it will become your ultimate travel partner.

When it comes to finding the future of lightweight performance design for foil, freeride,
and surf, look no further than the Ultra Team.


Ultra Team
Estimated Weight (KG)1,41,541,691,881,982,122,392,623,09
Wind Range17-33 Knots16-31 Knots15-30 Knots14-29 Knots13-26 Knots12-25 Knots10-22Knots7,5-18 Knots6-16 Knots
Bar (CM)50505050505050-6050-6050-60
Inflation Pressure (psi)121212101010888
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