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Airush Kite Bag Made of Recycled Polyester

Around 36 billion plastic bottles are produced every year, and more than 30% of non-recycled plastics will end up in the rivers or oceans. Consider this, and remember that these waterways are our playground. We have teamed up with one of the leaders in recycled plastic, and now we produce many of our kitebags and key accessories in collaboration with Waste 2 Wear. Waste 2 Wear recycle 100% post-consumer plastic bottles into Eco-friendly fabrics. This unique process involves turning environmentally damaging waste into usable, sustainable yarns. The recycled yarns are then combined with natural fibers to be woven or knitted into Eco-friendly fabrics, suitable for garments, home textiles and accessories.
The Airush Kite Bag has a bar pocket and a kite pump attachment, to carry all of your equipment at once. Airush is committed to the sustainability of their products. 


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