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8 Hours Ultimate Package (4x 2H Private Lessons)

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You are buying lesson credit for an EIGHT Hour package of Private Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons (4x 2H Lessons) including Gold Level access to KiteBud’s Online Program (25+ Free videos).

✅  All lessons held at Pinnaroo Point, Hillarys WA

✅  Lesson credit valid for 3 years from the date of purchase

✅  Bookings available from October to March

✅  All equipment included

✅  Most professional school in Perth with the highest teaching & safety standards

✅  Best customer satisfaction with 200+ 5-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Reviews

✅  Teaching with 2-way radio helmets

✅  Free Online Program with professional video tutorials produced by KiteBud

✅  Friendly & individualized 1-on-1 instruction

✅  Fully qualified & experienced instructors

✅  Free Photos & Videos uploaded to your account after each lesson

✅  Daily written progression report uploaded to your account after each lesson


This is our usual lessons schedule:

Monday to Sunday
1pm to 3 pm
3:30pm to 5:30pm

What will be covered during your first 8 Hours of lesson?

Kitesurfing regulations & Location analysis
Identify wind: sources, directions, strengths & effects
Understand the 3D wind window: safe launching & landing areas, safe flying areas and power zones
Safely setup kite and lines on a windy beach. Identify parts of the equipment. Safely pack down kite/lines
Explain and activate all safety systems before flight
Assisted launch & Land from the kite perspective
Basic flying skills: steady kite at all clock positions with a good stance, a relaxed posture & hand grip
Emergency self-land using the safety system
Water re-launch from water’s edge
Assisted launch/land from the bar perspective
Knowledge & use of communication signals
Practical Self Rescue simulation on the beach
First body drag & practical basic deep water self-rescue
Relaunching the kite in deep water
Body-drag away & return to the beach safely
One handed flying skills
Walk around safely while flying the kite & being aware of other kiters, beach users & other potential dangers
Upwind body dragging: Leave beach & return to same spot after 50m body drag
Walk safely upwind while carrying the board & safely moving the kite position to avoid dangers & problems
Body-drag using the board as a keel
Recover the board when lost upwind
Water-start theory & practical exercise
Explain the right of way rules and understand how to ride amongst other riders
Get up on the board and ride for 50m
Full Pack Down Self rescue
Self-Launch the kite
Advanced self-land using the safety system
Ride cross/ down wind and return to the beach
Ride across and upwind of starting point
Transition and change direction under control

After your first 8 hours of lessons, you should be able to have good control of a few different sizes of inflatable kites. You will have experience with flying different line lengths (from 5 to 24m). Depending on your kite control skills, you should be able to ride comfortably on your board in both directions. You will also be able to setup/pack down your equipment on your own without any assistance. When arriving at the beach, you will have the ability to assess the location (pros, cons, dangers) and the wind conditions (strength, direction, effects). With KiteBud you will learn practical safety drills and demonstrate your competence in being able to get yourself out of trouble (self-rescue) when anything goes wrong. We will also teach you more advance skills such as self-launching and self-landing.

Which videos will be included with your 8 Hour Booking?

Included Videos2H Booking
(Online Program Bronze)
4H Booking
(Online Program Silver)
6H+ Booking
(Online Program Gold)
Regulations & Location analysisgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Sources & Wind Directions greentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Speed & Wind Effectsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kitesurfing Equipmentgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Windowgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Setup & Equipment Terminologygreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Packinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Controlgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Flying Skillsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Safety systemsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
Pack Down Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
How to Untangle Linesgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Launchinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Landinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Water Relaunchinggreentick2greentick2
Body Dragginggreentick2greentick2
Water Startsgreentick2greentick2
First Runsgreentick2greentick2
Right of Way Rulesgreentick2greentick2
Riding Upwindgreentick2greentick2
Advanced Self-Landinggreentick2
Tethered Launching & Landinggreentick2
Line Tuninggreentick2
Recovering from a Kite Inversiongreentick2
All future & Bonus KiteBud videosgreentick2

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17 reviews for 8 Hours Ultimate Package (4x 2H Private Lessons)

  1. Neil

    From the initial contact with KiteBud you can see Christian has set up a very professional school. His videos are personally produced, professional and go through the basics, teaching you the fundamentals of kiteboarding and maximising your water time so you’re not spending valuable time learning the basics on the beach. His focus on your safety and the safety of other beach users and is his main concern. The 2 way radio helmet is a fantastic real time tool for giving instructions and allowing you to progress quickly. Christian is very thorough and he goes to great lengths to document each lesson. He tracks your progress with his student training record sheet noting the conditions you were out in on the day to provide you with post lesson constructive feedback on your progression as well as videos of your session. His gear is second to none with a full range of current season Airush kites from a 3m up to his 15mtr and a great range of boards from the “barn door” to smaller boards that will see you heading up wind in no time and that will allow you flying in all wind conditions safely. Christian’s passion for the sport is evident and he is one of those mythical beasts that love going to work every day…. lucky bugger! After an 8 hour package I can confidently go to the beach and get out into the water on my own gear with confidence and a good grounding of fundamentals to ensure I ride safely. His packages are the best value packages in Perth Thanks for making my introductions to this sport so enjoyable. The whole experience has been very satisfying and one I would recommend KiteBud to anyone looking to progress in kiteboarding on all skill levels not just a newbie. Thanks again Christian and see you again soon when I need to master that toe edge slide?… ; ) Cheers Neil

  2. Lucile Toulemonde

    I took the 8hours lessons package with kitebud and can only recommend to learn kitesurfing with him! I had no previous surfboard sport or windsport experience, and Christian really helped me feel confident and safe in deepwater. I am now autonomous and can go kitesurfing by myself to keep improving my new skills! The online course with videos is also really helpful to spend more time playing with the kite during the actual lessons, and I will keep using them for refreshment from time to time. Merci! 🙂

  3. Greg Ferguson

    Christian at Kite Bud has created a great learning experience for me. After 4 two hour lessons, I am up on the board and away! Lots more to learn, but have a good handle on the basics. The online tutorials with Kite Bud, and the one on one tuition, has made this a fun and fast learning curve. Thanks Christian. Greg Ferguson, Watermans Bay.

  4. Rob Weyer

    After a few lessons nearly two years ago with other schools I signed up for 8 hours of lessons with Christian Bulota of Kitebud. I’m extremely glad that I chose this school and would recommend it to anyone that wants to get into kitesurfing. The most noticeable aspect of Kitebud was the professionalism. Christian is a full time professional kitesurfing instructor and is also the owner of Kitebud. This is not the sort of place where you sign up for the school and are handed off to a kiting backpacker moonlighting as an instructor or a university student earning some extra cash. All your lessons are given by Christian. A very important part of the package is the video lessons that he provides that you need to watch before the lessons. These are very well done videos that Kitebud has put together and watching them before helps to save a lot of time. These are not just links to pre-existing videos on youtube but videos shot by the Kitebud school itself which make a big difference in allowing quicker progression. It is also useful if you forget something or want a refresh as you always have access to the videos. Other schools I have been to before always have a dedicated boat to get your board back to you. Kitebud does not have this luxury. On the one hand the lack of a boat means that you don’t get to practice as many waterstarts per hour. However, I feel that I actually made a lot more real progression as it forced me to learn how to body drag upwind and retrieve the board. I had never had to do this previously. As a result I would now feel a lot more comfortable going out on my own as I know how to body drag upwind to get my board. I also had to do a full-on self rescue in the water which other schools did not do. After every lesson you receive videos of your progress as well as a sheet containing feedback. The videos in particular are useful as often one thinks one is doing something but when you see the video of yourself you can see that you are not even close to what you thought you were doing. It also allows one to appreciate how much patience it takes to be a kiting instructor to see yourself repeat the same mistakes despite the instructor continually telling you what you are doing wrong.

  5. Matt McCoy

    Christian is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge. If he managed to teach me, he can teach anyone. It was an excellent experience to really accelerate my kite surfing career. Thanks

  6. Felicity Norman

    I would definitely recommend Kitebud. I started my lessons nervous and unsure how the lessons would be, due to a bad experience with kite lessons in Victoria. However, lessons with Kitebud were completely different. Christian was understanding, patient and went at my own pace. Having the videos to watch before each lesson helped with having some basic knowledge before each lesson. All the equipment was high quality and having the helmet with speaker, so that he could direct and offer corrections in real time was helpful. An emphasis was placed on safety and helping you to progress to a level where you can go and continue learning by yourself.

  7. Sebastian Streit

    I booked 8H with no pre experience by Christian. Right after booking I got access to all videolessons. The vids are very helpful to understanding about setup, flying, riding, selfrescue and more. The lessons were adapted to my progress, so he runs them individually. He gave me sport and clear instructions on the radiohelmet. Which is very important for students who do not speak english well like me. (but he could do the lessons in french as well.) I would recommend kitebud to everyone who wants to learn kitesurfing effectively and safe. I feel safe wherever I go out, about his safety program. He loves this sport and this is epidemic. I’m a sport instructor too and I can say: Thanks for the awesome lessons!

  8. Loris Scalzo

    Christian is a really good instructor that always has your safety in mind. The radio helmets he uses are really useful to give you live feedback while you’re in the water and combined with his preparation videos I think it helps you progress a lot quicker. I saw him a few time on the beach outside of lessons and he was always happy to give me a few advices when he had the time, I think it’s one of the best instructors in Perth (if not the best).

  9. Luke Faulker

    Very comprehensive and thorough teaching method. Huge focus on the fundamentals, safety and technique. Recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to kite safely and cut down time trying to figure it out on your own. Thanks for the lessons. Luke

  10. Callum Darch

    To start Christian is a 10/10 bloke who’s focus on kitesurfing fundamentals, in safety and technique, allowed me to really enjoy my first experience with kitesurfing. Christian is more then willing to cancel a lesson if the weather is unforgiving, never considering wasting a students time or money. His passion for the sport is infectious and I’ve caught the kitesurfing bug. The video lesson library accessible on his website ensures the learning process is seamless. His communication through out my lessons (confirming lessons prior, and advice during and after sessions) was clear and concise and he has the foundation of years of kiting and instructing in Canada. Thank you Christian I’ve had so much fun.

  11. Vince Parnell

    Great instructors. I am very impressed with the systematical approach Christian and Sylvie use to teach and coach newbies to the sport. Initially i was hesitant and nervous but their relaxing reassurance made me feel safe and gave me confidence. I found the lessons to be very thorough ensuring you understand one step before taking the next. Their fundamental principles are safety first, your safety and everyone else’s safety is paramount and they’ll get you up on the water in no time. The video tutorials in the lead-up to my lessons were very helpful with grounding information, then on the beach you are provided helmet two-way radios so they can communicate while you’re out in the water at all times, and video reviews and feedback after each lesson. Guaranteed to progress with confidence and safely in the perfect training environment at Pinnaroo Point. I strongly recommend Kitebud Thank you Sylvie and Christian.

  12. Rupert Currie

    Had a great couple of lessons with Christian. It was very efficient and fast to learn safety and to get hands on great equipment. Definitely recommend kitebud.

  13. Jon Earle

    AWESOME EXPERIENCE Kitebud have all the equipment and a great location. You will be up and riding in no time.

  14. Francesca Crivellari

    I had a grat week with Sylvie and Christian!

  15. Peter Searle

    I highly recommend Kitebud if you are thinking of learning to Kiteboard. They are by far the safest and quickest way to take up the sport, or even just to try it and see (like I did). I am now hooked. I do not think that you can safely, or effectively learn to Kiteboard without lessons; the headset comms makes learning interactive and as quick and fun as possible. They supply all the gear. Make sure you watch their videos first then just roll up and enjoy. Christian and Slyvie are great instructors – friendly, informative and incredibly patient. Give it a go. Chances are you will love it.

  16. Liam Rogers

    I had 8 hours of lessons at Kitebud with Christian and am now competent to practice by myself, confidently! The style of teaching was professional with pre-lesson videos and recaps of previous lessons. Feedback during the lesson was fantastic with the use of in helmet mics. After the lesson i was given access to pictures and videos of my lesson to see mistakes I was making as well as a “report card” of my progress. Fantastic experience and would definitely recommend Kitebud to anyone who was thinking about learning to Kite surf.

  17. Nick Brun

    Super friendly and professional, got me standing up on the board after 3 lessons. Loved it and would recommend if you want lessons.

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