Airush Replacement Lines Set 23m



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Airush Replacement Lines Set. Set of 4 lines x 23m. Will fit on most Airush bars from previous years.

All bars have leader lines of 1m making your total length 24m.

Choose from :

Airush Replacement Lines set for cleat bar : 23m (Front lines = 9m+10m+4m / Back Lines = 19m + 4m).

Airush Replacement Lines Set for Progression bar : all lines 23m (9m+14m).

Need help to replace your lines ? Contact us to book an appointment so we can do it for you (extra fees apply).

Bar SpecsProgression BarCleat BarAccess BarUltra BarAp Bar
TrimPull-PullCleatPull-PullNo TrimFreestyle Pull-Pull
Chicken Loop SizeMediumMediumSmallSmallMedium + Large
Bar Throw (travel distance)50cm50cm40cm60cm40cm
Bar EndsProgressionModusModusModusModus
Bar Length & adjustments52cm (default) can be shortened to 45cm50cm (default) can be lengthened to 60cm42cm (default) can be lengthened to 52cm50cm (default) can be lengthened to 60cm42cm (default) can be lengthened to 52cm
Line lengths (Total length: add 1m of Leader Lines on all bars)24m total: 9m Lower lines + 14m Upper lines24m total: Front lines = 9m + 10m + 4m ext. Back lines = 19m + 4m ext.24m total: 21m + 3m Extensions24m total: 21m + 3m Extensions22m total: 19m + 2m Extensions. All lines Heavy duty 1.9mm (400kg).


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