Airush AP Bar V5


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Airush AP Bar V5 - 41-51cm - 5L - Complete

Airush AP Bar

High performance freestyle control system.

Freestyle specific Pull-Pull trim strap.
Heavy duty 1.9mm front & rear lines.

Designed for effortless unhooked maneuvers, and featuring a 19mm diameter bar, shorter bar throw, and the freestyle trim strap, the AP bar allows you to maintain a solid grip through powerful moves and landings. Heavy duty 400kg tested lines and extensions have been installed to make this bar extremely durable.


Compatible with all 5 line kites including the Airush Razor.

Longer length freestyle leash.

Medium & large harness loop.


41cm - 51 Adjustable.

5 Line Bar.

LINE LENGTH: 22m Total * See table below for details

Want to learn freestyle tricks ? Book private coaching with us!

2020 Airush AP Bar


Introducing the IQR, a completely redesigned quick release system that allows for a single-handed release, and reset. The all-new connection point sets the industry standard in safety, reliability, and usability. The durable injection molded TPU harness loop, and locking tube provide a comfortable attachment to your harness hook. In addition to the single line flag out system, the IQR features a low friction, enlarged spinning handle for easier line untwisting.


The AP bar comes with 2x Chicken loops, a large and a medium


The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless with reduced diameter tubing. This PU coated line extends the lifespan of the centerline, increasing the reliability of all Airush bars.


The Low Y System allows for a single front line flag out system providing a safe way of killing the power of your kite. Along with improving safety, the Low Y also increases the angle of the front lines, avoiding unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. By doing so, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, greatly increasing the maneuverability, turning speed and response of the kite.
2020 Airush AP Bar


The new Hard lines featured on the AP Bar include a 400KG breaking strain. Extensions provide a 22m or 20m options allowing the rider to customize their line length to their own style.


Approved by World Champion, Alex Pastor, the Freestyle Trim Strap is the hassle free system featured on the AP Bar. This trim strap removes all unwanted flapping parts, for riders doing freestyle or wakestyle tricks.
2020 Airush AP Bar


A new freestyle leash designed with our team addresses and fixes some of the major problems that unhooked riders experience during their sessions. An overall longer length leash makes multiple passes and throwing the leash over-head even easier. The use of a larks-head attachment onto the chickenloop or 5th line replace the usual metal hook which prevents unwanted openings or breakage that can occur during missed tricks. It also is a lot easier on the riders’ hands when grabbing. Lastly, the end of the leash features a swivel to easily unwind the leash, which prevents coiling, and breakage.

The Airush control bars have safety as the first priority. Your time on the water is as important to us as it is to you. We strive to make it safer for you, and to make your equipment last longer.


  1. Large Leash Line Feed.
  2. Easy To Disassemble & Change Loops.
  3. Easy Untwist Center Line.
  4. Bombproof Stainless Steel Chassis.
  5. Freestyle Mode.
  6. Single Click Reset.
  7. Durable Molded Loop & Locking Tube.


The Modus 2.0 Bar End creates an extremely streamlined bar. Featuring a recessed screw, you can easily customize the bar setup with an additional 10cm of width adjustment to meet the needs of turning speed and response.


The PU coated depower line makes sheeting in and out effortless with reduced diameter tubing. This extends the lifespan of the center line, increasing the reliability and durability of all Airush bars.


The Low Y System increases the angle of the front lines, to avoid unnecessary pinching or folding of the kite. By doing so, the wingtips become looser and move more independently, increasing the maneuverability, turning speed, and response of the kite. The Low Y System also allows for a single front line flag out.


Airush Control Bars Comparison

Bar SpecsProgression BarCleat BarAccess BarUltra BarAp Bar
TrimPull-PullCleatPull-PullNo TrimFreestyle Pull-Pull
Chicken Loop SizeMediumMediumSmallSmallMedium + Large
Bar Throw (travel distance)50cm50cm40cm60cm40cm
Bar EndsProgressionModusModusModusModus
Bar Length & adjustments52cm (default) can be shortened to 45cm50cm (default) can be lengthened to 60cm42cm (default) can be lengthened to 52cm50cm (default) can be lengthened to 60cm42cm (default) can be lengthened to 52cm
Line lengths (Total length: add 1m of Leader Lines on all bars)24m total: 9m Lower lines + 14m Upper lines24m total: Front lines = 9m + 10m + 4m ext. Back lines = 19m + 4m ext.24m total: 21m + 3m Extensions24m total: 21m + 3m Extensions22m total: 19m + 2m Extensions. All lines Heavy duty 1.9mm (400kg).


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