If you are traveling North along Western Australia's coastline, it could be worth stopping for a session at Port Hedland's Spoil Bank. This spot can work with a wide range of wind directions from land breeze to sea breezes. Summer winds (September through March) tend to blow from the NW/NNW while winter winds (April through August) tend to blow from E / NE directions. Wind statistic for Port Hedland can be found here.  Winds are often light / moderate so it's best to have larger kites. Be aware of very high tides (6-7 meters) and stay away from the boat channel on the Western side of the bank.

A small kitesurfing community exists in Port Hedland. Please follow their advice and recommendations. No kitesurfing shops or schools can be found in Port Hedland.

Port Hedland kitesurfing
Port Hedland Kitesurfing
Forecast from Windy.com
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