Point Walter (aka ''Point Walter Sand Spit'', ''Point Walter Sand Bar'') is a great spot for summer mornings Easterly and North-Easterly winds. This location can get crazy busy, especially when the wind blows above 15 knots. Freestylers will ride on the West side of the point (offshore winds) and must be prepared for a self-rescue (drifting downwind towards Mosman Park) in case anything goes wrong. Other kitesurfers are advised to ride on the East side of the Point (on-shore winds). The riders must be respectful of other beach users and water traffic. Kitesurfing schools sometimes operate at this location. Due to the heavy traffic and gusty on-shore winds, beginners must be very cautious and keep a safe distance from shore and others. This location is NOT suitable in SE winds. In SE winds, use Pelican Point instead.

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