Gnaraloo's Tombstones AKA ''Tombie''  is a World-Class wave riding location for advanced & expert riders ONLY located approximately 2 hours (150km) North of Carnarvon. Launching and landing can be tricky with a very narrow beach full of rocks, shells and wind shadows in South to South-South-West winds. Regardless of your skill level, assisted launching and landing are preferred with the kite over the ocean side for cleaner wind.  Be careful with the shallow reef and rocks at the bottom especially at low tide. Beginner and intermediate riders must avoid kitesurfing at this location.

This area is also popular for windsurfing and surfing. Please consider getting advice from other experienced & regular riders of the area before going out for the first time.

The best times of the year for wind and swell at Gnaraloo are usually at the beginning of summer (September to November) and towards the end of summer (March to May).

Camping facilities are available in the area, bookings are essential.

Gnaraloo Tombstones kitesurfing
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