It's possible to enjoy kitesurfing in Broome's Town Beach in the land breezes often blowing there. Extremely high tides, light winds, hidden rocks and crocodiles can make this location challenging and dangerous.

A small kitesurfing community exists in Broome. Please follow their advice and recommendations. THERE ARE NO KITESURFING SCHOOLS / SHOPS IN THE BROOME REGION.

Broome town beach
Broome Town Beach Map
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  • This was well written and accurate. As a local Broome Kiter. I can add a few more items. There is a nice coffer shop located there, Town Beach Cafe. Also there are mangroves on the south side. Very hard to land and launch at high tide. Can be many children playing, caution. An alternative is Demco which is about 1 km south of Town Beach. You can launch near the parking lot and walk down. Less people and dangers and good at high tide.

    • Thanks for sharing those tips Joseph

      Christian Bulota,
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