Augusta is a great location for intermediate to expert kiters. This spot works best with strong South-Easterly winds (20-30 knots). Mirror flat water can be found inside the deadwater area (VERY gusty) and waves can be ridden on the Ocean side. Do NOT launch/land in the grass area / Picnic area next to the Car Park. Be aware that the current can be quite strong in the river mouth because of tide movement. This location is not recommended for unsupervised beginners. A kitesurfing school with boat support : Main Break Water Sports (Formerly Margaret River Kite and Sail) operates from this location. Be aware that wind speeds can reach well over 30-35 knots on occasions during summer.



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  • A query rather than a comment. Has anybody experience of enjoying a SW wind in or near Augusta?

    Rob Mansell-Ward,
    • Hi Rob, as indicated on the page, even Southerly winds are not ideal for Augusta, but can work in the ocean side. SW winds won’t be any good anywhere in Augusta.

      Christian Bulota,
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