Kitesurfing Right of Way rules

Kitesurfing Right of Way Rules

Kitesurfing Right of Way Rules

What are the priority rules on the water? Just like when driving your car on the road, there are universal right of way rules to follow in kitesurfing. During your kitesurfing lessons, you will progressively put these rules in practice.

These rules are guidelines. It is your responsibility to avoid a collision or a dangerous situation.

Give way to the least maneuverable user. Use your judgment, be courteous to other beach and water users to prevent kitesurfing being banned in your area.

1- The golden rule: when two kiters meet on a collision course, the upwind kiter must lift the kite up while the downwind kiter must lower the kite.

2- The kiter entering the water has priority over the kiter coming back to shore.

3- When two kiters are on a collision course the one sailing to the right (starboard) has right of way (priority).

4- The kiter riding a wave has priority, even when riding towards the left.

5- When two kiters are sailing in the same direction, the slower one has priority.

6- Priority must be given to other beach and water users.

7- When jumping, the kiter must have plenty of space downwind and upwind.

8 – Before changing direction, look to see if anyone is behind you.

Kitesurfing Right of Way rules

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