Recover from a kite inversion

Recover from a kite inversion

Learn how to Recover from a kite inversion. Kite inversion is such a common ''kitemare'' we all experience from time to time. In this video we will learn to quickly and safely recover from this without risking damaging your kite.

Recover from a kite inversion : Video Transcript

To learn this skill, you must be very familiar with your safety systems.

Kite inversions and bridle tangles have to be some of the most if not the most common issues in kiteboarding. This is usually caused by your lines going slack after a crash while you continue accelerating towards the kite. Your kite then flips over which inverts it. In a lot of cases, you won’t be able to control your kite anymore as the canopy inverts and often some bridles get wrapped around your kite as well.

The majority of kiters would actually try to relaunch and fly the kite even when inverted which usually causes the kite to fly out of control. Sometimes it simply won’t relaunch at all and just drag you downwind. This could make your tangles worst and potentially jam your safety system if your kite starts looping.

In this video we will show you how to quickly and safely work around kite inversions and bridle tangles using your safety system. Whenever you try these techniques, make your safety leash is connected directly to the safety line and NOT in suicide mode.

The first thing you want to do is find a shallow water location to familiarize yourself with your safety system. Put the kite at the edge of window, let go of the bar and release your safety system. Once your kite flags out, climb the safety line hand over hand until you get to the chicken loop. Grab the chicken loop (make sure you don’t grab the bar) and re-set the safety system quickly. It is important you get familiar with your release system and learn to reset it quickly. You should ultimately be able to do it without even looking at it. Once you reset the safety system, feed the safety line back in slowly. Once the safety line is back under tension, relaunch your kite. In this case, we have to pull one back line hand over hand for about 2 to 3 meters which turns your kite around. Let go the back line when the wing tip starts catching wind, check your bar for tangles, and relaunch your kite. Repeat this drill until you get comfortable and you can do it quickly, safely, while being relaxed.

Before you attempt the following techniques, you want to make sure you are competent at doing at least a few self-rescues, using your kite as a sail to get back to the shore as you may not always be able to sort out kite inversions.

Next time you have a kite inversion or bridle tangle, try this:

Using a 5th line safety system:

Stay calm and immediately release the safety system, the earlier you do this, the better!

-Allow your kite to flag out completely, by doing this you will usually be able to untangle any lines wrapped around your kite; in this case you can see the 5th line which was wrapped around the kite slides off the kite and becomes tangle free.

-Climb your safety line hand over hand, once your get to the chicken loop, reset it quickly and feed the safety line back in. Use one back line to turn the kite around by pulling it hand over hand for about 2 to 3 meters. Let go of the line when the kite starts to turn around.

-At this stage you shouldn’t have any lines wrapped around your kite, if this is the case, you need to release again and repeat the same process, or simply self-rescue.

-After recovering from a kite inversion one or both back lines will often be crossed around the front lines. Don’t panic, and relaunch your kite as usual. The steering will be slightly affected but you will still be able to fly the kite so you can get back to the shore, land your kite and fix your crossed lines.

Using a dual front line safety system:

The kite may take longer to flag out on a dual front line safety system, especially in lower winds. Be patient and keep tugging on your leash to allow the kite to flag out. Repeat the same process as before. Relaunch your kite and fly back to the shore to uncross your lines.

Using a single front line safety system:

If you don’t feel comfortable riding your kite with crossed lines, simply body drag back to the shore.


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