How to Boost big airs

The secret to boosting big airs is all about that last second before take off.

Here are the key elements:

-The more water you can spray off your board while riding, the more aggressive and the more effective your stance is for boosting. More FRONT foot pressure is needed to maintain that hard grip along the entire heelside edge of your board on the approach to the jump.

-The more water you can spray during that LAST SECOND before take-off, the higher you will go! Just before take-off, while sending the kite, push hard on the back foot to re-direct the board even more upwind.

-Start with SLOWER speeds with harder edging first, then gradually increase your speed. Flat water is best to learn this.

-Losing your edge grip before take-off will always result in less jump height.

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By Christian Bulota Kitesurfing 0 Comments


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