How good were your lessons?

Many students finish their lessons without being competent going out on their own, which is not surprising, as many schools deliver a product that is much closer to a kitesurfing experience rather than a good lesson. This post should give you all the tools you need to self-assess the quality of your training so you can see what you've missed during your lessons.

Good Lessons

Average lessons

Kite Experience

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By Christian Bulota Kitesurfing 3 Comments


  • This is great thanks – I paid for two full sets of beginner lessons (24 hours) and despite thinking my instructor was great, I seem to be falling into the middle bracket of average lessons. I really would not be comfortable going out alone and certainly don’t know the correct rescue procedures as this was talked about but never demonstrated. The above chart highlights where my knowledge is distinctly lacking so its very much appreciated!

    Carrie M,
  • Great write up. I would add to the green column part of my KB lesson plan that I feel is also an essential skill set to be considered an independent kiteboarder,
    ” You are knowledgeable and can perform multiple safe launch techniques such as solo drift launch, solo beach launch and landing, tethered beach launch and landing, weighted wing tip launch, assisted beach launch and landing and understand which option is the safest for the conditions at the time as well as what could go wrong and how to react with each different technique. “

    Jeff Smith,
    • Thanks for your Comment Jeff. Only about 5% of students are ready to learn more advanced skills such as self-launching and self-landing after they complete their beginner lessons. Therefore I did not mention it in there. I believe the vast majority of students booking beginner lesson should not be taught those skills until they more experienced and skilled.

      Chris Bulota,
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